Wells Valley live update and FEEEEEDBACK!

If you want to witness the first live full rendition of «Matter as Regent» don't miss out the following event and don't forget to track it on facebook!

Over the last days «Matter as Regent» was granted with a few more reviews from around the globe: 

Metal Storm (International)
"(...) Leaving an individual impression in post-metal is often a considerable challenge for many bands that attempt to navigate a genre prone to influence and avoid direct derivation. Portugal's Wells Valley manage this admirably for a fresh outfit, pursuing sounds that are of original design in a debut entitled Matter As Regent.(...)"
By R'Vannith

Dead Rhetoric (US/Can)
"(...) Matter as Regent is appealing because of its regular sub-genre bouncing, thus allowing the band to avoid a firm sonic peg. Flanked by a mondo-pro production job and quality visuals, Matter as Regent could be a quiet creeper in both the sludge and post metal fields.(...)"
By David E. Ghelke

Shoot Me Again (Fr)
"(...) Progressivement, on rentre dans le concept et comme évoqué plus haut, la formation a bel et bien compris ce qu'il fallait comme qualités pour honorer l'étiquette Post-Metal en 2015. WELLS VALLEY ouvre de nouvelles perspectives au genre et l'on espère que le groupe ne sera ni le dernier à innover, ni le premier d'un nouveau mouvement récupéré. Place à l'originalité avec ce Matter As Regent de WELLS VALLEY.(...)"
By Fred

On a final note, just press play in the episode 39 of Groovy Sounds From The Underground and, besides "Star Over A Wheel", you might find something of your interest!


Process of Guilt @Reverence Valada 2015 / Wells Valley @SWRXVIII

This week presented us with two awesome confirmations!
After a remarkable and powerful performance at the previous edition - one that still echoes to this day - Process of Guilt will return to Reverence Valada Festival 2015
Be quick and you can grab one of the last few splits with Rorcal still available in the following link
On the postprogressivetechsludgy field, Wells Valley will continue the live promotion of their recent «Matter as Regent» - available here - in the Day 1 of the already mythic SWR Barroselas Metalfest XVIII.
Be there and support these amazing live acts!


«Matter As Regent» SHIPPING!

Wells Valley «Matter As Regent» first batch is on its way!


«Matter as Regent» Live FEEEEDBACK!

Arte Sonora (PT)
Please follow the link to this indepth live review by the nice gents at Arte Sonora live:
"(...) O concerto, no entanto, provou claramente duas coisas: que os Wells Valley podem tornar-se, a breve trecho, mais uma das jardas do underground português e que, ao vivo, o som da banda ultrapassa, largamente, aquele que ficou registado no disco. Mais densidade, mais groove e mais peso. Factores que redimensionam a fusão estética do pós metal Gojiresco com a execução instrumental “clínica” da cena da Flórida.(...)
There's also a Arte Sonora photo gallery available here!

Cvlt Nation (CAN)
In the following pics - in an awesome essay provided by Cvlt Nation - you can have a small glimpse of how amazing it was the first live performance of the post-metal tornado called Wells Valley introducing «Matter as Regent» to the masses! 

If you want to check more live photage from Pedro Roque at the Burning Light Festival 2015, please follow this link!


«Matter as Regent» FEEEEEEEEDBACK...

The beast has landed! «Matter as Regent» latest reviews available online. 

Les immortels (FR)
"(...) Le trio portugais parvient à créer un album intrigant, puissant, organique. Il y a bien un aspect viscéral au sein des compositions, mais le traitement qui est infligé à cette matière tient plus de la forge que de la salle d’opérations : contours indistincts, chaleur, faible luminosité, le tout n’est pas clinique." 
By Alkayl

Made in Metal (SP)
"(...)Las canciones son sumamente impredecibles y al inicio stoner de “Ghost Of You” nadie podrá imaginar lo que vendrá durante esos siente minutos de cordura ordenada, que se contrapone con la locura que marca “Star Over A Wheel” y un sonido que por momentos recuerda a los Pink Floyd del Unmmagumma tocado con tecnología del siglo XXI."
By Jesús Eli

Merchants of Air (BE)
"(...) Matter As Regent is already one of the most challenging albums to review in the first weeks of the new year.  (...) I can recommend the album if you're an open minded extreme music lover looking for something truly surprising and unpredictable."  
By Serge

Powermetal (DE)
"(...) Mit "Matter As Regent" ist es wie mit abstrakter bildender Kunst: Man kann das Werk fasziniert betrachten bzw. anhören, mit gleichzeitig gesträubten Nackenhaaren und Zehennägeln. Die Jungs von WELLS VALLEY sind sich der Befremdlichkeit ihrer Sache mit Sicherheit ganz bewusst. Ja, Kunst darf das, Kunst darf auch verstören, abschrecken, bis an die Schmerzgrenze fordern, und, so wie bei "Matter As Regent", auch darüber hinaus. Ob sich für diese ebenso innovative wie grenzwertige Form von Musik allerdings eine breitere Hörerschaft finden wird, ist – mit Verlaub – nur schwer vorstellbar."
By Timon Krause

Disfactory (IT)
"(...) Matter As Regent  è fortemente cupo e negativo, tanto che lo si potrebbe definire come il lato “dark” e schizofrenico del post metal. Non mi sento di caldeggiarlo al momento, ma in futuro ci potremmo tornare su con il senno del poi, chissà che non arrivi a rilasciare un sapore leggermente diverso."
By Duke "Selfish" Fog

White Room (NL)
"(...) Wells Valley heeft met Matter As Regent een plaat gemaakt die mysterieus en afwisselend is. Liefhebbers van acts als Neurosis en Cult Of Luna zullen deze band zeker kunnen waarderen. Wells Valley staat in dat kader zeker voor een originele insteek op metal." 
By Reageer

Manchester Rocks (UK)
"(...) The trio have created an ambitiously creative, diverse and inspiring record that stays in your memory long after it finishes, just like the most vivid of bad dreams, it stalks you for the rest of the day, if not longer: Incredible."
By Phil Weller

Toxic Online (UK)
"(...) There is certainly nothing generic about Wells Valley. The trio are obviously extremely talented musicians, but they also know exactly how to create an album that brings something new to the post-metal/sludge scene. Each songs sounds different, with hints of progressive, technical and death metal incorporated into their music in unique ways."
By Julia Conopo

Ninehertz (UK)
"(...) This feels like a nearly-complete release that could be hampered by a strange production, however Wells Valley have a truly unique approach to a genre packed with copyists and boring alternatives. Persist with this and the rewards are obvious."
By Mike

The Grim Tower (US)
"(...) The music of Portuguese post metal trio Wells Valley is definitely something different, and it experiments in some rather peculiar fashions." 

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