Bleak Recordings proudly presents... 
«CREON», the awesome fourth full-length record by swiss black/doom extremists RORCAL.
This "soon to be" masterpiece will be available in April 2016!
Stay tuned for more info (media formats, preorder and release date) in these same pages!

Rorcal's official announcement:

"Dear all,

It is with great pleasure that we are announcing the release of our new record « CREON », a concept album based on the mythological events which led to so many death and sorrow.
The songs are now in mixing process with Daniel Bergstrand from the Dugout Studio with a release set for April 2016 in collaboration with many labels from across the world:HALO OF FLIES (USA), Lost Pilgrims Records (FR), Wolves And Vibrancy Records (DE), GPS Prod (CH), GRAINS OF SAND RECORDS (RU), Bleak Recordings (PT),Longlegslongarms (JP), Dullest Records (USA), Unquiet Records (PL) and Division Records (CH). Thanks to them, the album will be available thoughout 3 continents!

We’ll be back on the road from next year to promote the album. A European tour with our mates from Impure Wilhelmina is currently being booked. Here are the first confirmed dates:
23.03 - Graf Hugo, Feldkirch (AT)
24.03 - DasBACH, Wien (AT)
25.03 - HELP!!
26.03 - HELP!!
27.03 - Underwerket, Copenhagen (DK)
28.03 - Das Nexus, Braunschweig (DE)
29.03 - HELP!!
30.03 - Antwerp Music City, Antwerp (BE)
31.03 - HELP!!
01.04 - HELP!!
02.04 - Bikini Test. La Chaux-de-Fonds (CH)

Still a few shows are missing to complete the routing. Please get in touch at management(at)rorcal(dot)com if you’re interested in booking us a show in your city!
This album will be the 13th release we’ve done! Looking back at all those years reminds us always how lucky we are to have your support!
Thanks to all and see you soon on the road!

Photo copyright: Bastien Vermeulen. Thanks to him too!"




This week Wells Valley will be grinding the road with three new live presentations of their debut full length «Matter As Regent». If you're in the neighbourhood, be sure to be there!

Meanwhile you can read the latest reviews to their astonishing debut in the following links:

VS Webzine Fr
"Matter as regent" est un vrai labyrinthe truffé d'indices retors, de fausses pistes et de frénésies rythmiques. Un puzzle à l'apparente simplicité rythmique mais aux structures tortueuses dont le but avoué est de faire régner la confusion. Une confusion savamment entretenue par l'imposante production, réalisée de main de maître par le batteur Mau qui sculpte pour lui et ses acolytes un son organique, profond et dense. Où chaque coup de baguette infligée sur les peaux résonne comme une claque, sourde et punitive. Où les guitares acérées renvoient en permanence d'inquiétants échos à une basse dantesque.
Aliénant. Urgent. Matter as regent."

Metal Hammer It
"Il loro sound è sferragliante post-metal dai toni dark e feroci, condito dallo screaming urticante di Filipe Correia e da una vibrazione sperimentale che attraversa tutto l’album."

Aux Portes Du Metal Fr
"Je reconnais au groupe portugais cette bonne intention d'essayer des accords assez atypiques en septième et neuvième et de ne pas se contenter de ressasser des power chords en long et en large. Le moment le plus exceptionnel est l'intro de Ghost Of You, totalement inattendue et hypnotisante avec sa guitare remplie de delay et sa basse bien grasse."



Rorcal never cease to amaze us, this time they surprised us all with a doooooom track to celebrate their 10th anniversary. Here's the official statement:

"La Femme sans Tête” (the headless woman) is our 10 years anniversary celebration track and it was written and recorded in two days in the humid basement we use as a rehearsal room. Track features electronic and drone intrusions by Alexandre Rottoli. It was edited by Alexandre Rottoli, then mixed by Jean-Philippe Schopfer (Yellow Recordings) and mastered by Stéphane Kroug at Electric Room mastering. Being a Digital release only (Pay what you want on our Bandcamp), the Download includes a guideline for you to make your own album cover. 
Now: download it all, check the “How to” file, go grab some drinks and press play. Follow the instructions and send us your own creations to management[at]rorcal.com. We’ll be posting it on our Facebook and through our pages. The winner will get our new album which will be out in 2016.
With Love,"

Meanwhile, you can still get the latest Rorcal releases - «Világvége» and the «split with Process of Guilt» - at our webstore! We only have a few items left, so, be quick or....

Also, in the Wells Valley front this week we'll have the chance to witness two live renditions of «Matter As Regent»: today at the XVIII edition of the legendary SWR Barroselas Metal Fest and saturday at Cafe Estudantino/Viseu.



We're still stunned by the awesome live presentation of «Matter as Regent» by our postprogressivetechsludgesters Wells Valley at LOUD!/Arte Sonora ROCK SESSIONS.
A big thank you goes to the 80 attendees that supported Wells Valley and Katabatic on this successful evening.

Live photos by Pedro Granada:

Meanwhile, here's a brief reminder that we're also present at Soundcloud with the following releases. Please visit us and share it at will!

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