What the media has been saying about «VILÁGVÉGE»

Dense and crushing and thoroughly noisy, this is a cracking album from a previously unknown quantity and I shall be investigating their previous output forthwith, trve kvlt credentials be damned. 
by Rob Himself

Questionable mastery of dynamics notwithstanding, I believe many will “enjoy” the enormous and cold atmosphere created by this album. 
by Daniel Heaton

Aux Portes du Metal
Si vous êtes du genre « Happy Metal » et tout le tralala, passez votre chemin, car Rorcal ne joue pas dans le gentillet ni dans l’alambiqué. Avec ce troisième album, les petits Suisses nous offrent un condensé de rage et de démence post-apocalyptique de la plus grande facture. 
by Mythos

Last Rites
(...) What I do know is that here the band’s main weapon is heavy, saturated black metal. 
by Zack Duvall

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The CD version of «Vilagvege» is finally out and the demand has been overwhelming so far. Rorcal’s newest masterpiece, an absolute must for black/doom/drone freaks, was previously only available on vinyl and digital, but now finally sees the light on CD. A limited deluxe edition, packed on an elegant digipack inside a carton cover case with spot UV printing. This is a collector's item you can’t afford to miss, so you better hurry up before it's too late for apologies. As a way to celebrate this huge mammoth that runs unstoppably throughout 8 tracks that leave its distinctive trace behind, we have a special promotion going on over the weekend at our webshop – buy it until Monday and we'll take care of all postage costs.

What the media has been saying about «Vilagvege» on CD: 

The Sleeping Shaman
 “Rorcal could be the bastard child of Nihill and Neurosis and are a band people into any kind of extreme music need to check out” 
by Kevin Ketie

Cosmos Gaming
 “Fans of sludge/doom along the lines of Amenra or black metal infused sludge similar to Celeste will want to seek this one out, as Rorcal is able to capture both a melancholic atmosphere and sheer sense of chaos and destruction throughout this release that’s sure to leave an impact” 
by Chris Dahlberg

Világvége, Armageddon, Fin du Monde, Weltuntergang, Apocalypse, Ragnarök... No matter the language or origin, the “end of the world” has always been a huge theme of discussion and discord among men since humanity was born. After illustrating the decadence of a Roman Emperor with «Heliogabalus» in 2010, Swiss masters of the obscure RORCAL are back with a third album whose guideline just appeared to be obvious. Like its source of inspiration, the music has no boundaries and «Vilagvege» is here to prove it once and for all. When doom turns into black, you can’t expect anything but chaos: 8 tracks straight to the point, nervous and furious like never before. Bone shatteringly heavy from the get go and with a ferocious attitude that doesn't let up, this is a truly uncompromising listen with frantic intensity combined with a doomy magnitude..

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Bleak Recordings proudly presents... 
«Vilagvege», the awesome third full-length record by swiss black/doom extremists RORCAL, now available for the first time in CD format in association with Cal of Ror, Lost Pilgrim Records, Hellthrasher Productions and Wooaaargh. Presented in a deluxe digipack with a cardboard slipcase, «Vilagvege» is an absolute must for black/doom/drone freaks and truly lives up to its name, painting the dark colors of the end of the world right in front of you. Bleak in its essence, devasting in its purpose,« Vilagvege» runs unstoppably throughout its 8 tracks leaving its distinctive trace behind. Legit stars in the underground, the band is one of the most hard working in today's scene, having played hundreds of shows and release three full-length albuns, four EPs and two splits since getting their collective foot on the door in 2006..

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