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3 years after the release of «Erosion», PROCESSOFGUILT finally return with their most accomplished effort to date. Exploring the monolithic roots of their music even further, «FÆMIN» displays a new level of heavyness and purpose for the four-piece, while preserving the dark atmospheres already associated with their music intact. Mixed by Andrew Schneider (at Translator AudioStudios in New York) and mastered by Collin Jordan (at The Boiler Room LLC - Music Mastering in Chicago), «FÆMIN» builds upon 5 concise tracks, shorter for the band standards, but overall more intense and scorching than anything they’ve done before. Steadily moving through dynamic rhythm changes, the band explores a more diverse vocal approach, mantra-like grooves, a crushing rhythm session, an everlasting love for feedback and more huge riffs than you can ask for in under 45 minutes. With «FÆMIN», PROCESSOFGUILT paint desolate sonic landscapes and dig their own place in the scene even deeper.


«FÆMIN» will mark the first PROCESSOFGUILT release throughDivision Records and will be available in Portugal through Bleak Recordings. With an international release date set for early June (UK, France and Benelux), a special pre-order package featuring the CD and an exclusive t-shirt (printed on demand!) will be available at the official PROCESSOFGUILT website until April, 24 – all orders will be shipped in the beginning of May.



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