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«Vilagvege», the awesome third full-length record by swiss black/doom extremists RORCAL, now available for the first time in CD format in association with Cal of Ror, Lost Pilgrim Records, Hellthrasher Productions and Wooaaargh. Presented in a deluxe digipack with a cardboard slipcase, «Vilagvege» is an absolute must for black/doom/drone freaks and truly lives up to its name, painting the dark colors of the end of the world right in front of you. Bleak in its essence, devasting in its purpose,« Vilagvege» runs unstoppably throughout its 8 tracks leaving its distinctive trace behind. Legit stars in the underground, the band is one of the most hard working in today's scene, having played hundreds of shows and release three full-length albuns, four EPs and two splits since getting their collective foot on the door in 2006..

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