VC/VT from our dearest grind/crust/sludgers Utopium is now available at our store!

You can read all about VC/VT’s latest media frenzy in the next links:

This Is Not A Scene (UK)
(…) Utopium‘s release is out now and it is bound to make a few heads roll, cause it is like nothing I have ever heard before. Bloody marvelous is what it is. Absolute perfection. Taking everything from your favourite sub-genres and just speeding it up and making it dirtier. (…)
8/10 by Berns von Bernington

Exclaim (CAN)
“(…) Clocking in at just less than 23 minutes, Vicious Consolation / Virtuous Totality leaves the listener wanting more — much more.(…)”
8/10 by By Denise Falzon

Arte Sonora (PT)
“(…)É verdade que certas sonoridades são difíceis de explicar, mas este “Vicious Consolation/Virtuous Totality” revela-se uma agradável escuta. Fora do comum e dentro do comum, para quem já tem os ouvidos treinados para o efeito hipnótico provocado pelo som dos UTOPIUM. Venham mais!(…)”
8/10 by André Vidó

Metalitalia (IT)
“(…) “Vicious Consolation / Virtuous Totality” è sicuramente il gioiellino grindcore di questa nera primavera.(…)”  
7/10 by Luca Pessina

Metalunderground (US)

“(…)This debut album from Utopium is a grindcore fan’s wet dream; exactly the kind of reckless, non-technical marvel that should be required.(…)
3.5/5 by Dan M.