VC/VT shipped!!!

VC/VT preorders are now officially shipped!
For those of you who didn’t made the preorder the Utopium debut is now available at our store!

Hot VC/VT’s reviews in the next links:

Metal.it (IT)
(…) 18 canzoni per 24 minuti, una manciata di affilatissime stilettate che ci vengano scagliate contro per un esordio assolutamente notevole. Segnateveli! (…)
8/10 by Luigi ‘Gino’ Schettino

Destructive Music (UK)
“(…)The interesting about this release is that even though Utopium are including elements from sludge, death metal and crust, they still perceive all these genres looking through their grind scope and they are able to switch with unreal ease between them. That is why Vicious Consolation/Virtuous Totality is an excellent debut album, and hopefully the first of many to come.(…)”
7.5/10 by Spyros Stasis

White Room (NL)
“(…)Of het door de crisis komt of door het talent, de heren van Utopium hebben boordevol energie en woede weten om te zetten in een sterke harde grindcoreplaat waarop ze ook een tempowisseling niet schuwen. Als je van extremer dan extreem houdt, check dan zeker Vicious Consolation/Virtual Totality van deze Portugese band. !(…)”
 by Ralph W.