VC/VT Update

While our favorite grind/crust/sludgers recover from the blast that was their presence at the final of the latest Wacken Open Air Metal Battle, you can read this exclusive feature in the August issue of MUSIC & RIOTS!

Latest VC/VT reviews:

Misantropia Extrema (PT)
(…) Vicious Consolation/Virtuous Totality» rivaliza com os melhores projectos internacionais em propósito, intensidade e alma musical. (…)
4/5 by Fernando Reis

Warheim (PL)
“(…)They go against the grain on the escalator and give a lot of joy to maniacs of vulgar music..(…)”
8/10 by Rimmon

Cosmos Gaming (US)
“(…)Vicious Consolation / Virtuous Totality is supported by one of the better production/mixing jobs I have heard in this genre recently, as it is clean enough to let instruments like the bass break through the wall of sound but still has enough crunchiness and a rawer edge. (…)”
 Chris Dahlberg

Concrete Web (BEL)
“(…)This band’s got heavy hooks and throatmelting vocals to go over a bastard sound. Very pissed, aggressive and moody something in between Nasum and Buzzoven. (…)”

We Rock (SWE)
“(…)Vicious Consolation / Virtuous Totality” is at its best an exercise in good slippery punk influenced extreme metal as I suspect that Barney Greenway of NAPALM DEATH had liked (…)”
 6/10 by Martin Bensch