What the media has been saying about «VILÁGVÉGE»

Dense and crushing and thoroughly noisy, this is a cracking album from a previously unknown quantity and I shall be investigating their previous output forthwith, trve kvlt credentials be damned.
by Rob Himself

Questionable mastery of dynamics notwithstanding, I believe many will “enjoy” the enormous and cold atmosphere created by this album.
by Daniel Heaton

Aux Portes du Metal
Si vous êtes du genre « Happy Metal » et tout le tralala, passez votre chemin, car Rorcal ne joue pas dans le gentillet ni dans l’alambiqué. Avec ce troisième album, les petits Suisses nous offrent un condensé de rage et de démence post-apocalyptique de la plus grande facture.
by Mythos

Last Rites
(…) What I do know is that here the band’s main weapon is heavy, saturated black metal.
by Zack Duvall

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