As some of you might have noticed, the monstruous Process of Guilt / Rorcal 12″ Split is now on pre-order mode. This release (BR005) will be available as a limited edition of 666 – 500 black and 166 solid white – pressed in 180gr vinyl with printed innersleeve and a double sided printed outersleeve.


This edition is the result of a partnership between Bleak Recordings and several other labels (Cal of Ror, Lost Pilgrim Records, Labyrinth Productions, Nooirax Producciones, Chaosphere Records, Wolves and Vibrancy Records and GPS Productions) and it’ll be first available throughout the next days as a preorder available on the websites of both bands and of all the labels involved.

The digital edition can already be acquired through both bands’ bandcamp:
Process of Guilt / Rorcal

Follow the links and read the first reactions to the Process of Guilt / Rorcal 12″ Split:

Pitchfork (US)
“A corrosive snarl and tense mechanical whine open Process of Guilt’s side of their new split with Swiss bruisers Rorcal, and that inhuman noise proves to be a blood-curdling preview of what’s to come. The Portuguese mainstays joined forces with Bleak Recordings and Cal Of Ror Records to release their first new studio recordings since 2012’s FÆMIN, and the three new songs that comprise Process of Guilt’s contribution to the split find the quartet in foul form. Their cruel industrial urges are out in full force here, dragging down the roiling doom-inspired riffs with layers of distortion, reverb, and clanging noise that wouldn’t sound misplaced on a Today Is the Day record. The 12” record is out October 10, 2014; listen to the first track, “Liar (Mouvement I)”, and prepare to bleed.”
Hell Awaits by Kim Kelly

LOUD! Magazine Pt
“Tanto faz o lado deste 12” por onde se comece, o espancamento é inevitável – bom prenúncio para a anunciada digressão conjunta que se seguirá ao lançamento do split. Sendo os Process of Guilt o expoente nacional que sabemos e os Rorcal (suiços mas com luso-descendentes na sua formação) um “cliente” também já conhecido do território nacional, nada disto vem como uma surpresa, mas tamanha é a convicção com que ambas as bandas se atiram às ventas do ouvinte que mesmo assim somos apanhados desprevenidos. (…)”
by José Carlos Santos

Metalitalia It
“(…) Entrambe le band godono nell’opprimere l’ascoltatore e, pur affindandosi a soluzioni stilistiche differenti, alla fine dei conti il risultato che esse ottengono è piuttosto simile: un senso di grigiore e di angoscia che pervade e rende inerte l’animo. Ad ascolto terminato, la loro alleanza vi apparirà quantomai ovvia.”
by Luca Pessina

Ruído Sonoro Pt
“(…) Estudado o split como um todo, é inerente sublinhar a coerência destas duas peregrinações – cada uma estuda o seu trajecto para a mesma meta, culminando numa obra final que funciona tanto em conjunto como em dois actos isolados: seja pela tríptico alicerçado em feedbacks dos Process Of Guilt ou pelo culto do oculto da luz dos Rorcal, nunca nos é devolvido o conforto.”
by Nuno Bernardo

Fons Immortalis Ger
“(…) RORCAL spielen sehr komplex und kompliziert. Es gibt viele Breaks und Verschachtelungen und abrupte Wendungen. Da kann einem schon schwindelig werden, doch mich erdet das tolle Gitarrenspiel, welches sich wie ein roter Faden durch alle drei Stücke zieht. Auch wenn sich RORCAL stilistisch deutlich von PROCESS OF GUILT unterscheiden, ergänzen sich beide Bands hervorragend. Denn beide spielen intensive und düstere Musik mit einem morbiden, apokalyptischen Anstrich. Liebhaber des Vinyl und düsterer und krachender Klangwelten können sich also freuen. Diese Split ist uneingeschränkt zu empfehlen!”

Suicide by Star Sp
“A veces parece que los astros se alinean, y de una de esas conjuras ha surgido esta colaboración entre dos de los grupos más especiales del doom europeo: Rorcal y Process of Guilt, los cuales entregan cada uno aproximadamente quince minutos de temas nuevos en los que ponen toda la carne en el asador y no dejan más que cenizas a su paso. (…)”
by Asbestos Death

Soundscape UK
“(…) Split releases can sometimes be fairly hit-and-miss, with one band inevitably outshining the other, but the 12″ split from Process Of Guilt and Rorcal is different. Although playing largely different genres, with Process Of Guilt playing crushing doom and Rorcal furiously frantic black metal, the two different styles complement one another well and it makes for a fairly formidable offering as a result.”
by Natalie Humphries

Occult Black Metal Zine
“(…) In conclusion I feel this is a very great sounding split and I would recommend it to all fans  of black metal, doom and sludge. 8 out of 10.”