12″ Process of Guilt / Rorcal FEEEEEEEEDBACK

The amount of feedback that the 12″ Process of Guilt / Rorcal split has been getting worldwide is truly impressive.
Here you can read the latest reviews available both online and in the finest music magazines out there.
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Terrorizer #254″Rorcal and Process of Guilt respectively, team up for an unbearably bleak 12″ which sees both bands step out of their comfort zone. Rorcal do it by amping up the chaos to the point of coming across as a meaty, unbound black metal (!) act for most of their side of the release, while Process of Guilt run through the three different movements of the “Liar” song with a nearly palpable industrialized rage that wouldn’t be entirely out of place on a Today Is The Day album.”

“(…) It would be too difficult to choose which of the two bands played their part most effectively, but the last thing we want is a lopsided split. As far as individual songs are concerned, Rorcal’s “IX” and Process Of Guilt’s “Liar (Mouvement I)” stand out the most, but at only 32 minutes long, it is worth listening to the whole thing a few times regardless.”

Arte Sonora
A atmosfera que percorre este split, eco físico que une ambas as bandas, é violentamente interrompida pelas pinturas negras e doentias dos Rorcal- (…) O que os Rorcal mostram em agressividade, os Process Of Guilt mostram em flutuações de intensidade. Há em “Liar” um certo balanço, que se sentia em “Fæmin”, mas que aí estava mais amarrado.

“(…) Alors s’il ne devait en rester qu’un, ce serait Process of Guilt : même si Rorcal reste au niveau de Vilagvege, les Portugais captent l’attention de manière continue au travers de 3 mouvements angoissants. Pour autant, en prenant suffisamment de recul pour avoir une vision d’ensemble, ce disque remplit toutes les conditions attendues et se résume en un unique mot : captivant.”

Misantropia Extrema
“A solidificar fortemente a amizade que une ambas as bandas, este split 12” (limitado a 666 unidades: 166 em vinil branco e 500 em preto) tem a enorme vantagem de “dar” material novo de ambos os projectos aos fãs. (…) É abrasivo, é bom (..)”

Decibel #122
“Process of Guilt keep the Neurosis song lengths with what is essentially a three-part, 17 minute track that barrels along with atmospheric doom and bile. Rorcal, on the other hand, are spectacular, mathy black metal, with riffs that creep, nauseate and soar before plummeting in a gory heap. More of that, please.”

“(…) This is a nice split done by some very strong musical talent in their fields, and worth checking out. I hadn’t done a whole lot of listening to either band before, and after listening to both I think I lean ever so slightly more towards Process of Guilt than to Rorcal, but that’s a matter of personal taste; the offerings of both here are quite enjoyable and will likely appeal to anyone who likes noisy extreme metal.”

Wonderbox Metal
“(…) A 32 minutes split featuring quality bands and songs. What’s stopping you from getting this right now?”

Against Magazine
“(…) Ultimately, this release is perfect for rainy and dimmed days of autumn as it marks the bands’ creative capacity for 2014 acting like a pause between full-lengths, and making room for some experimentation.”

VS Webzine
“(…) Avec le retour en grâce du LP vinyl, les splits et eps se multiplient, le support se prêtant parfaitement à ce type de format. Puis les splits c’est souvent l‘occasion de découvrir de nouveaux groupes prometteurs ou totalement inconnus. C’était le cas avec(…) PROCESS OF GUILT que je découvre (…)  grâce à leur collaboration avec les suisses bien connus de RORCAL.”

Compressed Manic
“(…) Overall, this is a  fantastic split and fans of modern post metal, doom, and sludge will not be disappointed.  Highly recommended!  Enjoy!”

“(…) El Split confirma a Rorcal y Process of Guilt como dos de las formaciones más punteras y bestiales del Metal Extremo Europeo.”
Black Gallego”

(…) Da notare come, alla fin fine, le band possiedano un approccio musicale non del tutto dissimile pur approdandovi da diversi versanti stilistici (i Rorcal dal black ed i Process Of Guilt dal doom), a rimarcare quanto il rapporto di collaborazione in atto tra loro da tempo abbia prodotto un reciproco arricchimento dei rispettivi sound.”

Merchants of Air
“(…) This split is a splendid work of extreme metal and we could only wonder what it would be like if Process of Guilt and Rorcal started writing music together. I need a cigarette now…”

New Noise Magazine
“(…) if you’re prone to anxiety, this isn’t an album you should be listening to.”

“(…) Die logische Schlussfolgerung: gemeinsame Live-Rituale und eine Split-Vinyl-Veröffentlichung.  (…) Reinhören lohnt sich!”