Wells Valley live update and FEEEEEDBACK!

If you want to witness the first live full rendition of «Matter as Regent» don’t miss out the following event and don’t forget to track it on Facebook!

Over the last days «Matter as Regent» was granted with a few more reviews from around the globe:

Metal Storm (International)
“(…) Leaving an individual impression in post-metal is often a considerable challenge for many bands that attempt to navigate a genre prone to influence and avoid direct derivation. Portugal’s Wells Valley manage this admirably for a fresh outfit, pursuing sounds that are of original design in a debut entitled Matter As Regent.(…)”
By R’Vannith

Dead Rhetoric (US/Can)
“(…) Matter as Regent is appealing because of its regular sub-genre bouncing, thus allowing the band to avoid a firm sonic peg. Flanked by a mondo-pro production job and quality visuals, Matter as Regent could be a quiet creeper in both the sludge and post metal fields.(…)”
By David E. Ghelke

Shoot Me Again (Fr)
“(…) Progressivement, on rentre dans le concept et comme évoqué plus haut, la formation a bel et bien compris ce qu’il fallait comme qualités pour honorer l’étiquette Post-Metal en 2015. WELLS VALLEY ouvre de nouvelles perspectives au genre et l’on espère que le groupe ne sera ni le dernier à innover, ni le premier d’un nouveau mouvement récupéré. Place à l’originalité avec ce Matter As Regent de WELLS VALLEY.(…)”
By Fred

On a final note, just press play in the episode 39 of Groovy Sounds From The Underground and, besides “Star Over A Wheel”, you might find something of your interest!