CREON advance track -“Αἵμων (Haemon)”

Our blacksludgechaoticdoom fundamentalists are back!
You can stream “Αἵμων (Haemon)” – CREON’s advance track – in the following link provided by Invisible Oranges!

«CREON» (Vinyl and CD) will be available in 25.03.2016 through Bleak Recordings (PT), GPS Prod (CH), GRAINS OF SAND RECORDS (RU), HALO OF FLIES Records (US), Lost Pilgrims Records (FR), Wolves And Vibrancy Records (DE), Division Records (CH), Dullest Records (US), Longlegslongarms Records (JP) and Unquiet Records (PL).Stay tuned for more info (media formats and preorder) in these same pages!