Under the Doom Festival IV

Process of Guilt / Wells Valley Live

We’re thrilled to announce that Process of Guilt will headline the first day of Under the Doom Festival, thurdsday, 08/12/2016, at RCA Club, Lisbon, Portugal. Wells Valley are also on the line-up and this will be the first time both bands will share the stage!
Be there, support this awesome fest and brace yourself for dooooom!

Tickets info:
– 3 days pass (8,9,10): 55€  
– 8 /thursday: 10€ 
– 9 /friday: 25€ 
– 10 /saturday: 25€ (28€ for sales on the day)

Buy info:
online: www.unkind.pt
e-mail: Notredame.promo@gmail.com
stores: (available 21th June): CARBONO AMADORA, GLAM-O-RAMA, RCA CLUB