The «Black Earth» PRE-ORDER is now ON! Just hit BLACK EARTH PRE-ORDER under our store menu and you’ll be presented with all the gorgeous «Black Earth» merch options. Be sure to check our bundles for a chance to buy some items combination for a reduced price!

Be sure to witness «Black Earth» live in one of the next dates (more to be announced):

04.10.2017 Musicbox, Lisboa (+ guests): €8,00

06.10.2017 Cave 45, Porto (+ guests): €8,00

07.10.2017 Estudantino, Viseu.

And, last but not least, what better way to spread the news than to share the first ever video by Process of Guilt!

Feral Ground is the first advance track for «Black Earth». Just hit play, and play, and play…


(…) Not only do we have the track itself, but we also have an elegantly shot, monochrome video combining fevered performance with mysteriously shrouded figures, creepy-crawly close-ups and an all-round sense that some very weird shit is starting to seep in from a different spiritual plane (…)“.

Jonathan Selzer (Subterranea Mag / Metal Hammer)