BLACK EARTH Feedback!!!

The reactions to «Black Earth» have been amazing! A little bit everywhere, «Black Earth» emerges as one of the strongest releases of 2017 in its dark subgenre. If you don’t believe it, just check out this (still growing) list:

Loud! #199 Album of the Month (9/10)


















World of Metal – Album of the Month (9.7/10)
Metal Imperium (9/10)
Hellheaven – Album of the Month (9/10)
Metalhammer (Subterranea Mag)/ Team Rock (8/10)
Fenther.net – «Album of the Week»
The Obelysk
Beach Slot
Musica em DX (highlighted review)
All Around Metal (4.5)
Metaleyes.iye.com (8.3)
Metal Reviews (8.3)
Lords of Metal (8.3)
Necromance (8.0)

You can still grab your own copy of «Black Earth» as well as some exclusive Process of Guilt merch here!