This week Wells Valley will be grinding the road with three new live presentations of their debut full length «Matter As Regent». If you’re in the neighbourhood, be sure to be there! Meanwhile you can read the latest reviews to their astonishing debut in the following links: VS Webzine Fr “Matter as regent” est un vrai labyrinthe truffé d’indices retors, de fausses pistes et de frénésies rythmiques. Un puzzle à l’apparente simplicité rythmique mais aux structures tortueuses dont le but avoué est […]


RORCAL never cease to amaze us, this time they surprised us all with a doooooom track to celebrate their 10th anniversary. Here’s the official statement: “La Femme sans Tête” (the headless woman) is our 10 years anniversary celebration track and it was written and recorded in two days in the humid basement we use as a rehearsal room. Track features electronic and drone intrusions by Alexandre Rottoli. It was edited by Alexandre Rottoli, then mixed by Jean-Philippe Schopfer (Yellow Recordings) and mastered […]


We’re still stunned by the awesome live presentation of «Matter as Regent» by our postprogressivetechsludgesters WELLS VALLEY at LOUD!/Arte Sonora ROCK SESSIONS. A big thank you goes to the 80 attendees that supported WELLS VALLEY and KATABATIC on this successful evening. Live photos by Pedro Granada:           Meanwhile, here’s a brief reminder that we’re also present at Soundcloud with the following releases. Please visit us and share it at will!


April 4th is coming and Arte Sonora Magazine just made available a teaser featuring Wells Valley playing some tricky chords while promoting their next gig. Just hit play on the video on this link! In the same topic, over the last couple of weeks, our desks were struck by a few more ravishing reviews to «Matter as Regent». Be sure to check them out on the following lines. As a related matter to the next Process of Guilt live performance, […]

Wells Valley live update and FEEEEEDBACK!

If you want to witness the first live full rendition of «Matter as Regent» don’t miss out the following event and don’t forget to track it on Facebook! Over the last days «Matter as Regent» was granted with a few more reviews from around the globe: Metal Storm (International) “(…) Leaving an individual impression in post-metal is often a considerable challenge for many bands that attempt to navigate a genre prone to influence and avoid direct derivation. Portugal’s Wells Valley manage […]

Process of Guilt @Reverence Valada 2015 / Wells Valley @SWRXVIII

This week presented us with two awesome confirmations! After a remarkable and powerful performance at the previous edition – one that still echoes to this day – Process of Guilt will return to Reverence Valada Festival 2015! Be quick and you can grab one of the last few splits with Rorcal still available in the following link. On the postprogressivetechsludgy field, Wells Valley will continue the live promotion of their recent «Matter as Regent» – available here – in the Day 1 of […]

«Matter as Regent» Live FEEEEDBACK!

Arte Sonora (PT) Please follow the link to this indepth live review by the nice gents at Arte Sonora live: “(…) O concerto, no entanto, provou claramente duas coisas: que os Wells Valley podem tornar-se, a breve trecho, mais uma das jardas do underground português e que, ao vivo, o som da banda ultrapassa, largamente, aquele que ficou registado no disco. Mais densidade, mais groove e mais peso. Factores que redimensionam a fusão estética do pós metal Gojiresco com a execução instrumental “clínica” […]

«Matter as Regent» FEEEEEEEEDBACK…

The beast has landed! «Matter as Regent» latest reviews available online.        Les immortels (FR) “(…) Le trio portugais parvient à créer un album intrigant, puissant, organique. Il y a bien un aspect viscéral au sein des compositions, mais le traitement qui est infligé à cette matière tient plus de la forge que de la salle d’opérations : contours indistincts, chaleur, faible luminosité, le tout n’est pas clinique.” By Alkayl Made in Metal (SP) “(…)Las canciones son sumamente impredecibles y […]