Oruga «Blackened Souls»



Format: Trifold digisleeve, Album
Released: 2014 (Apathia Records)
Style: Sludge Doom

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Born from random encounters and the will to explore a not well known style (at the time) in France, Oruga was formed early in 2010.
Forged from the individual experiences of each individual musician, the band deeply allies the oppressive heaviness of Doom and the filthy rage of Sludge, aggressively impregnated with Metal, melting them into the hypnotic dynamics of Stoner.
Never pretending to be revolutionary, the songs are merely performed with heart and guts. Bare-naked expressions of untold feelings and repressed frustrations, escaping from a voice at the breaking point, Oruga’s sorrows are exploding onto a heavy rhythm, emphasized by mighty riffs, unpolished, noisy, massive, raw and desperate. Floating as a cold and melancholic spirit, far away from affiliations and merchandising, the sound of Oruga mirrors their region of origin, North of France…


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