Pylar «Pyedra»



Format: Trifold digipack version, Album
Released: 2016 (Alone Records)
Style: Experimental Doom Metal

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PYLAR, a mesmerizing experimental band, are back with PYEDRA, their new album featuring four extensive tracks dedicated to the stone as a cosmic symbol of megalithic cultures. Those civilisations used big stones (megaliths) to raise their temples, tombs and paths. PYLAR evoke the power of stone through monolithic guitars and techtonic drums. The stone as a testament to the timelessness, laden with nuances and expressed in the form of strings and numinous winds increasing the intensity  beyond logic and sanity. Chants speaking of menhirs, metheors and monoliths opening the gate to a time when space and death were one, symbolized by the power and strength of megaliths, where ancient gods shall dwell in eternal gravity and stillness.


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