Trinacria «Travel Now Journey Infinitely»



Format: Jewelcase CD, Album
Released: 2008 (Indie Recordings)
Style: Experimental Doom Metal

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TRINACRIA is named after the ancient symbol of an eye enclosed by a pyramid, as shown on the American dollar bill. The symbol has long been considered a coded emblem of international conspiracy and ties in with the project’s theme of the power of occult symbolism in the modern world. It was originally a composition by Ivar Bjrnson (ENSLAVED), Maja S. K. Ratkjeand Hild Sofie Tafjord (both from FE-MAIL), commissioned by Rikskonsertene for a concert series. The line-up was completed by Grutle KjellsonIce Dale (both from ENSLAVED), Iver Sandy (EMMERHOFF) and Espen Lien. In short: after working together briefly, the composition turned into a vital project which after touring became a fully welded band. The result outdoes the sum of the products by far TRINACRIA represents something unique on the music scene as a whole.

TRINACRIA is an abstraction in both aspects; musically and conceptually. It is an approximation towards something indefinable along the lines of ‘dark,’ ‘occult’ and perhaps ‘beauty and chaos.’ It is as pretentious/ unpretentious as you want it to be love it or hate it; very few end up in between.

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