Wheelfall ‎«The Atrocity Reports»



Format: Vinyl, Album.
Released: 2017 (Apathia Records)
Style: Industrial, Post Metal

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Wheelfall’s music combines industrial and post-metal and a grim and often furious attitude, a perspective reflected in lyrical refrains that are so catchy you want to repeat them, though probably not around people you don’t know very well. The physically arresting aspects of the music are due in large part to the mountainous low-frequency rhythms and jolting drum beats. Varied in their pacing, the songs inflict bouts of hammering with the force of a giant, groaning pile-driver, but just as effectively batter and jackhammer or erupt in a turbocharged frenzy. That’s one reason most of these songs are catchy as hell, in addition to being just plain hellish.

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